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Our Philosophy

CALLed HIgher.

As an organization

We are committed to producing top-level athletes by transforming every player that takes part in our teams. HCYA believes in more than wins, we believe in investing in the futures of our players.

Our Vision

HCYA exists to transform athletes by elevating players to a higher calling physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our Mission

Using simple, back-to-basics basketball to challenge player mindsets and build mental strength, leadership, and commitment to the team.

HCYA Basketball has led the way as one of the top homeschool basketball organizations in the country over the past 30 years. HCYA believes that becoming a better athlete begins before a player ever steps foot on the court. The Warriors Basketball Program is highly competitive and offers in-depth training and mentorship to inspire and lead athletes to reach a higher level of basketball.


HCYA basketball was started in 1992 as a support ministry to home school families. Our purpose was to provide homeschooled young men and women with the opportunity to compete and excel in competitive basketball. 

Today, we are nationally recognized as one of the top home school programs in the country. We have won many homeschool State and National championships at all ages. The organization has also attended some of the top basketball events in the country. HCYA is blessed to be the only homeschool basketball program to have been televised nationally on ESPN.

HCYA players have gone on to be leaders and servants in the community. Many of our players have gone to the next level of their basketball careers and played at both the collegiate and professional levels. Learn more about our former players on our alumni page.

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